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Director, Studio 22, Inc.




Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators

Belvidere Community School District*

Big Train Chai

CGF Industries

Cleo Communications

Content Academy

Dasco Pro

Grays Harbor Community Hospital


HDX (Home Depot)

Hononegah Community School District*


IEC Companies

Jet Beverages


Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

Larson Darby*


Molyneaux Insurance, Inc.

Newell / Rubbermaid

Norris-Banonis Publishing Group, LLC

Oregon Chai

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center*

Persuasion Consultants


Raynor Garage Doors

Rockford Bank & Trust*

Rockford Mutual Insurance*

Rockford Spine Center*

Sjostrom & Sons Construction

Spider Company

StoryFirst Media

Testor Corporation

Thermo-Fisher Scientific



United Way

*Agency collaboration

I began my career at an old-school design firm, just as the computer was arriving on-scene. At the time, design was a more involved process, and I was schooled on each step, from client interaction to concept development to the painstaking production of the finished piece. Design was very hands-on; a true craft involving tools and skills long since forgotten.

The computer has certainly streamlined the process, but I still approach each project with the same step-by-step attention to detail I was taught back then. It's a difference I believe you can see in the finished product. It's good work, done right.

After nearly 30 years in the business, I've worn just about every "hat" imaginable. I've done contract work for major corporations, collaborated with agencies on marketing campaigns, created packaging lining the shelves in big box stores, designed a mountain of print collateral, and helped with international product launches. I've created, produced, written, illustrated, animated, programmed, and retouched. And I enjoy it all—from high creative to mundane production—because to me, it's all art.

The art of design.


Years Pro:  29

Position:  Creative

Realm:  Words and images

Aesthetic:  Clean and concise

Pet Peeve:  Bad kerning in headlines

Favorite Beatle:  Paul

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